About Us

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Where the Wild Things Play is a boutique, imaginative, and active indoor play space for little people and their caregivers. With over 4,000 SF of space, we offer safe, clean and comfortable environment where children can let their imaginations run free. Generally speaking your Wild Things ages 8 and under will enjoy our space the most. However, using imagination and fostering creativity through play benefits children of all ages, so we have no age limit on enjoying play in our space!

Children can explore a variety of play options - from make believe to a more active play experience. Our space includes seven play zones, an active play fort with two enclosed turbo slides, and thoughtfully placed STEAM activities throughout the space.

Designed with caregivers in mind, Where the Wild Things Play offers comfortable seating that maximizes sight lines across the space and a limited cafe where caregivers can relax, converse or catch up on work.